Body-Centered Therapies



 ​​Somatic Experiencing is a naturalistic approach

to the resolution and healing of trauma.  Based on observing animals utilizing innate mechanisms to regulate and discharge the big levels of energy arousal associated with survivor behaviors, it allows us to follow the same built-in ways to release residual highly charged energy from our autonomic nervous system.  This survival energy is mobilized as a short term survival response, and gets in our way of being fully grounded and present in our life if it does not complete in a body-based response. 

We would explore this work in a safe, slow pace to support releasing the residual content., and bring in qualities of just the right amount of support.  As we pace, dose and complete each portion, it supports settlings into a more deeply felt presence within, re-claiming more of your inherent energy, and the empowerment this can bring forth.  

Biodynamic CranioSacral and Energy Medicine

are very quiet and gentle approaches, yet very deep, rich and inspiring to both give and receive. In the quietness, a lot goes on! When I first place my hands on a client, their system usually starts to reveal their life history. I feel pulsations, fluid fluctuations and various other sensations in their tissues and fluids -- from chaotic rhythms, to congestion, or stasis. As I listen to all of that, I wait for the system to shift and to settle into the rhythms of a more unified field... the internal healing forces at work! 

Sometimes  before an individual can settle inward, they need to negotiate through somatic/emotional content. Here,  body-centered dialogue and visualization techniques, help them release the inertial content in a safe and regulated way. Then with this settling, a person can deepen more into their wholeness... a holistic shift occurs.  The wisdom of the deeper forces can now lead us to what deeper patterns are ready to be met.

The inherent treatment plan
comes to the forefront presenting itself as a particular pattern. A state of balance or a stillness is attained and is perceived in many ways -- flow, tingle, pulsing, heat, expansion and softening of tissues and fluids. When the deeper healing forces manifest there are experiences of shimmering, radiance and connection with a presence that feels holy as the Breath of Life comes forward..

One's body as a whole can feel more rejuvenated,

clearer and balanced. People often feel both relaxed and replenished as their circulation and energy (chi) is enhanced, and their muscles and armor soften. This supports a unified energy field which helps nourish and feed our bodies and support health.

So this work is truly sacred and I feel very privileged to be part of it.. It brings me into a deeper relationship with my client, myself, and with the Breath of Life.