The various healing methods I utilize in my session work, access the natural healing forces within us - our fluid body and bioelectrical body and our autonomic nervous system. Connecting to these deeper flows within, taps into our inherent health, and to the body's wisdom to initiating balance, support healing and aid in recovery. We are amazing Beings, and we often underestimate ourselves in our capacity to heal. The session work, evolves from the various trainings I have received, and primarily from the riches of Somatic Experiencing, Biodynamic CranioSacral, Brennan Energy Healing, and Hakomi. Sessions are tailored to each persons needs and interests..

The Biodynamic CranioSacral and Energy work often take you into a quiet, settled state as inner flows are accessed and brought to the forefront.. To help settle into your centered ground, sometimes feelings or body dynamics come up that need space, time and negotiation to feel safely met. We are made of fluid and energy, and like the ocean, sometimes we are more turbulent, other times we embody a gentle flow and sometimes we are in quiet stillness. .
When exploring from a Somatic Experiencing process, body-centered dialogue helps complete interrupted actions in your body through access to your autonomic nervous systems (ANS).. This can support healing of a wide range of trauma held in the body, by allowing completion of the mobilized energy responses held there. People often sense feelings of relief and of empowerment in their present lives, as they embody more of their centered ground of Being.

So when appropriate, I blend these approaches into the session. The information offered here is meant to start a conversation which begins first with a cognitive understanding and deepens into a richer, embodied experience as the session work begins.


Body-Centered Therapies


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